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Amrutveda Trayodashang Guggul

Ayurveda Classical

Amrutveda Trayodashang Guggul has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant properties and gives relief in all types of neuralgic pain. It provides strength to the nerves, bones, joints, muscles and ligaments . Very useful Sciatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Muscle Cramps, Tremors , Paralysis and old age Joint weakness.

अमृतवेदा  त्रयोदशांग गुग्गुल वात सम्बंधित कई बीमारियों पर उपयुक्त साबित होता है।  सन्धिवात , सायटिका , पैरालिसिस , कमजोर मांसपेशी , शरीर का लकवा या शरीर का किसी भाग का कार्य न करना इन सभी समस्याओ में त्रयोदशांग गुग्गुल अच्छे परिणाम देता है।  वात दोष को शांत कर बुढ़ापे में आनेवाले जोड़ो के दर्द पर तुरंत असर दिखाता  है।   
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Herbs used to manufacture this product


1. Gives support to weak muscle and joints 

2.It provides strength to the nerves, bones, joints,

Product Description

It is widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment of low back pain, sciatica, arm pain, locked jaw, knee joint pain, foot pain,Very Helpful in all type of joint pain related disorders.IN Trayodashang Guggul  Guggulu is treated with other 13 ingredients. They provide nutrition to weak muscle and joints . It helps to improve muscle functions .

Dosage and Duration

2 Tab twice a day or as directed by Physician 

Who should take it?




Weak Joints 

Lack of Calcium 

Vitamin D Deficiency



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