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Obamin Capsules

Weight Management

Introducing Amrutveda  Obamin Capsules -  first time in India Obamin – unique formulation of Super Herb Seabucthron from leh ladakh and  Garcinia Combogia world wide accepted for fat loss. Its completely natural ayurvedic herbs formula without side effects  It has vitamin E , Omega 7 ( More than Flaxeed ) and many anti oxidants for healthy weight loss.

ओबामिन कैप्सूल भारत में पहली बार लेह लदाख की सिबकथ्रॉन ( लेह बेरी ) और गर्सिनिया कम्बोजिया के साथ ही मेदोहर गुग्गुल , विडंग , त्रिफला , गुडुची , नवायस गुग्गुल जैसी चुनिंदा वनौषधियों द्वारा बना हुआ फार्मूला है जो प्रकृतिक तरीके से वजन कम करता है।  यह पुरे एक महीने का कोर्स होता है जिसमे पाचन शक्ति की गति बढाकर शरीर में जमा हुआ फैट / चर्बी को पचाने में मदत होती है।  इसमें विटामिन इ , ओमेगा ७ के साथ कई एंटी ऑक्सीडेंट है जो वजन कम होते समय कमजोरी महसूस नहीं होने देते। चयापचय क्रिया में सुधार होने से एक बार वजन काम होने बाद इसके परिणाम भी बने रहते है।  इसे दिन में ३ बार २ - २ कैप्सूल्स लेना होता है।  

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Herbs used to manufacture this product


  • Works on metabolism to reduce extra fat deposition
  • Helpful to burn fat with excellent Ayurvedic herbs
  • It lowers your appetite by controlling your food craving
  • Most safe and Effective weight loss formula with health benefits. 

Product Description

Obamin Capsule is tested and proven products for actual requirement in obesity. It has effective herbs combination which acts on metabolism to reduce fat production. Vrikshmla , Guuggul , Vidang , Seabucthron , Triphala ,Medohar vidangadi loh and all herbs effective for dissolving unwanted fat .This product will help you to get back into your desired shape with strong heart , improved body functions and Glowing skin. This all happens due to Seabucthron Herb which has fat soluble vitamins helpful to burn fat and at the same time glowing skin as it contains Vitamin E .  It helps to control craving of food but never gives weakness as Seabucthron has lot of vitamin and mineral source. Worldwide accepted herb seabucthron has excellent effect on obesity. Obamin Capsule more than to shed off your extra pounds it gives you wide health benefit on overall health which leads to healthy weight loss without side effects.

Dosage and Duration

2 capsule three times a day with water or as direcetd by physician 

Who should take it?

Excess weight Gain 




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Good and High quality

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