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Pailotab Tablet

Digestion issues

Amrutveda Pailotab Tablets has shown such wonderful results that, one can use it in bleeding piles to stop the bleeding and provide relief. It is an excellent appetizer and digestor. It helps in decreasing local congestion of piles. It helps to reduce pain , swelling , itching and bleeding .
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Herbs used to manufacture this product


1.Tested & Proven from last 20 years 
2.Complete solution for piles & Fissure
3.Reduce swelling and burning sensation
4. Improves digestion and motion 

Product Description

Amrutveda Pailotab is complete solution for piles and fissure with strong extract of Ayurvedic herbs made in GMP certified plant under doctor supervision.
One of the best product with blessings of satisfied patients and completed successful journey of last 20 years of assured results. Difference can be seen within 3 days and gives relief from all symptoms.
Fast relief - Pailotab Gives instant relief in all type of piles with strong herbal extracts .
Stop Bleeding - Pailotab has bleeding control herbs which shows effect within 3 days .
Reduce swelling - Pailotab helps to control infection and swelling around anus and gives relief from itching .
Shrinking Mass - Pailotab has ushn tikshn herbs which dried up mass or tags and shrink their size .

Dosage and Duration

2 Tab Twice a day or as directed by Physician 

Who should take it?

  • Piles 
  • Fissure 
  • Fistula 
  • Poor Digestion 



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Eleanor Pena
Good and High quality

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Courtney Henry
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