HyperAcidity and Ulcers

Withania Somnifera & Bacopa Monneiri


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HYPERACIDITY big time! Such acidity which arises all of a sudden is generally suppressed when an antacid is popped. It relieves the symptoms for the time being but they return with worsened amplitudes. When people suffer from chronic acidity, it is like living a nightmare«Frequent bouts of sour, burps, extreme pain and burning sensation in the stomach-throat-heart-anus –head etc body aches and pains, loss of enthusiasm and zest to do anything, lost morning freshness, feeling of relief only on vomiting forcefully the rst thing you wake up in the morning. It’s time to Start a complete herbal one-stop solution called Amrutveda ACINIL tablets to break free from acidity and its related problems. Amrutveda’s ACINIL tablets are the perfect arrows which will nip all the acidity before it worsens and leads to dangerous conditions. ACINIL tablets have been specially formulated to target each and every symptom and hazardous side-effects of hyperacidity. Being 100% pure, safe herbal medicine, ACINIL can be used without any second thoughts. It contains herbs and formulations like Avipattikar churna, kamdudha ras , Sutshekhar ras, Awla etc which have beenused for treating Amlapitta or hyperacidity since centuries. We have formulated ACINIL in such a way that, it will give results for both acute and chronic conditions of Acidity. It not only decreases Heart- chest- etc burning sensation and pain, sour burps, mouth ulcers, headaches etc but it also corrects the digestion process. ACINIL, as its name is, nullies all effects of acidity. It mixes with the acid in the stomach to neutralize it, corrects the digestion by working on the digestive juices and enzymes, relieves Áatulence and throws all the undigested waste toxic material out of the system. It balances the metabolism to restore the body to its healthy state.

Features & Benefits

‡ Relieves acidity instantly. ‡ Reduces heart-burn, nausea & abdominal pain. ‡ Effective in Ulcer, mouth ulcer and constant burping ‡ It is also effective in boils on skin, excessive sweating and burning feet. ‡ Relieves Áatulence, headache and migraine


2 Tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician


1. Hedychium Spicatum (Shunthi) : It improves appetite. It has Vatanulomak &amp Anti-spasmodic (Shulhar) properties which help to relieve abdominal pain, nausea and Áatulence. 2. Prawal Bhasma : It neutralizes acid and helps in relieving hyperacidity. 3. Avipittakar Churna : It contains Trikatu, Triphala, Lavang, Nishoth, Sugar, etc. which correct acidity. It also has malanulomak property. 4. Yavakshar : It helps to sooth gastric mucous membrane. 5. .amdudha Ras : It contains Mauktik Bhasma, .apardik Bhasma, Suvarngarik &amp Guduchi which help to reduce inÁammation of gastric mucosa. 6. Sutshekhar Ras : It contains Mercury, Swarna Bhasma, Vatsanabh &amp Bilva. It balances secretion of acid, relieves headache, giddiness and has anti-septic action.


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