Aloe Cough Syrup

Controlling Cough and Soothes Throat Irritation

Honey and Barbadensis


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Problems of the respiratory tract are on the rise due to the increased pollution in the surroundings and reduced immunity in the body. Whether small children, young adults or aged people, everybody gets affected in some way or the other. Many have prolonged cough and cold since childhood which does not go whatever medicines one takes. For the time being, the medicine works and then again the cough and cold comes back, worse than before. Modern medicines only suppress it and not remove it from the root cause unlike Ayurvedic medicines which work on the root cause of the disease to eradicate it out from the body completely. Asthma is another respiratory tract problem which is difcult to bear. Other problems like Tuberculosis, Lung diseases and infections are all caused due to low resistance power of the body. AMR8TVEDA ALOE CO8*H S

Features & Benefits

Ingredients like turmeric is a known antiseptic which kill germs, reduces inÁammation and provides relief from the pain caused due to continuous coughing and tonsillitis. ‡ Elaichi, Dalchini etc work at the minutest cell levels to make the medicine target specic and remove the phlegm and .apha from all the places. ‡ Pippali, Vekhand help throw the collected thick secretions out to provide instant relief. ‡ Vasa, kumara etc liquefy the thick mucus and ease the airway for relieved breathing and also heals the wounds caused hence. ‡ Dry cough is suppressed and wet cough is cured ‡ Strength and resistance power is increased of the entire system to improve the immunity. ‡ Honey is the best known remedy for cough, cold and throat infections which makes swallowing easier and decreases throat pain.


 tablespoons twice a day after meal Kids under 10 years 1 tablespoon twice a day after meal.


1. Aloe Barbadensis Kumari  It has mucolytic action. It removes cough &amp clears the air passage. . Curcuma Longa Haridra  It has anti-inÁammatory action. It removes congestion & relieves sore throat. . Ocimum Sanctum Tulsi  It has anti-septic action. It protects the throat & respiratory tract from bacterial & viral infection. . Adhatoda Vasica Adulsa  It has bronchodilator effect useful in bronchial asthma. It controls haemoptysis. . Cinnamon =eylanicum Dalchini  It contains cinnamic acid which has antitubercular activity. . =inziber Ofcinale Sunthi  It has muco-kinetic action which suppresses dry cough. It is anti-allergic & also an excellent analgesic. . Achyranthes Aspera  It has Vatanulomak property which liquees cough. . Acorus Calamus Vacha  It has an expectorant action. . Piper Longum Pipali  It has a Rasayan for respiratory system. It improves strength & immunity of the respiratory system. 10. Mentha Piperata Pudina  It helps in cough & cold. It relieves spasm of the bronchi. 11. Honey  Loosens the mucus and reduces the cough.


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