Ashwatul F Capsule

Ashwatul F Capsules are made with selected herbal extracts with best nutrition and shukradhatuvardhak qualities. This is special formula works only to improve quality and quantity of Shukranu which are responsible for fertility . It is tested and proven formula from 15 years in various patients  and doctors has been started prescribing  as supportive treatment before IUI / IVF which is helpful to increase ability to conceive fast .These capsules are Based on Experience of 50 Years and  manufactured under Doctor supervision in Advanced GMP Manufacturing Plant.

Supportive Treatment to boost fertility in Men



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15 Days Course

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2 Bottles

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1 Month Course

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4 Bottles

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3 Month Course

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12 Bottles

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In today’s era, infertility is no more associated with just the females. The male partner is as responsible as the female during the course of treatment for infertility. It has been found that Male infertility is on the rise due to factors such as
• Alcohol
• Cigarette smoking.
• Junk and fast foods
• Unnatural habits
• Unnatural relations etc
• Medical health issues and diseases etc.
• Improper nutrition
• Physical and mental stress
The above reasons are a few to list as causes of infertility. Some types of infertilities can be cured easily while some need prolonged medical treatment. These factors generally cause a sort of obstruction to the proper production and passage of the sperms and seminal fluid. When the reasons are due to obstruction of any sort, it can be corrected. However, when it is a deeply placed issue like a deformity or a grave problem, it needs a lot of time and treatment for the same.
Amrutveda ASHWATUL F is the best nutritional support to boost fertility chances . It is the best therapy to give while peparation for IUI or IVF . It improves quality of Shukra dhatu and shukranu .

Features & Benefits

• It has some wonderful Ayurvedic herbs which are known to increase the quantity and quality of sperms.
• Increases and promotes sperm motility
• Provides strength to the seminal fluid and nurtures the sperms
• Promotes nutrition and rejuvenates the body
• Increases libido and performance
• Recovers losses by unnatural acts
• Increases energy levels.


One or two capsules twice a day or as directed by physicians.


1. Asparagus adscendens : It is the well knownVajikarakAushadhi in Ayurveda acts as excellent power booster and provides nutrition to enhance fertility.
2. Pueraria tuberosa : being a shukradhatuvardhak it increases Quantity and Quality of the sperm.
3. Mucuna pueraria : It is useful to enhance shukradhatu production.
4. Asparagus Racenosus : It is effective in weakness and loss of Desire. Also useful in decreased sperm count which is the main cause of maximum infertility cases.


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Is there any Side Effect to this?

No, there are no side effects. 

How many days course will be beneficial for good sperm quantity ?

Effect starts after one month but Minimum 3 month course will give great results .

Is there any ages limitation for this capsules ?

No. There is no age bar as capsules made from pure herbal extracts and has no side effects .

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