Amrutveda Ashwatul DB is the only product specially formulated by doctors at Amrutveda to increase energy level and longterm performance in physical relationship . It has best power booster herbs which are easy to digest in Diabetic patient . It gives nutrition and stamina without any side effects .

Treatment of Weakness due to Diabetes

Tinispora Cordifolia and Shilajeet


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Diabetes mellitus or the Type 2 Diabetes is common health issue . 6 out of 10 people are either diabetic or have pre diabetes. The problems of diabetics are known to everyone but it gives weakness due to lack of blood circulation and poor digestion. Specially Men gets exhausted and tired whole day and lost their interest in physical realtionships. Strong power booster has many herbs which are heavy to digest and not suitable to boost enery in Diabetic Men. Ashwatul DB Capsules are specially formulated with effective herbal extracts to enhance performance and controls blood sugar .

Features & Benefits

It is an excellent Diabetic Men Energy tonic in the form of a capsule.

1 It works not only to increase the power but helps to control the symptoms of physical weakness.

2 Its USP lies in the fact that ASHWATUL DB also acts on the associated symptoms and side effects of Diabetes.

3. This is the only medicine available in the market today which has been carefully formulated by the doctors at Amrutveda. to provide ultimate energy to Diabetic men .

4. It helps you achieve immense level of pleasure without you having to worry about the surge of blood sugar levels.


One or two capsules twice a day on As directed by physician.


1. Tinispora Cordifolia- This gives nutrition in physical weakness. Also useful in weak digestion in diabetes to control increased blood sugar level.

2.Phyllanthusemblica – It is used in Rasayanchikitsa to enhance energy.

3. Withania Somnifera – It increases shukradhatu to improve desire and achieve extreme satisfaction.

4.Shuddha Shilajeet – Diabetic patient experiences general weakness due to improper blood circulation. Shilajeet gives nutrition

5. Myristica Fragrans- This herb is effective to sustain hardness and helps to reach extreme happiness.

6. Moringa pterygosperma – This herb provides energy and strength to the body with elimination of weakness in diabetes.

7. Anacycluspyrethrum – This herb improves performance. Also useful in weak nerves in Diabetes.


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