Ashwatul DX Double Booster Capsule

Amrutveda ASHWATUL DX is an extremely powerful herbal medicine for men of all ages. This medicine has selective herbs which are extremely nutritive in nature and enhance the Stamina in men. It is a double power booster for males. ASHWATUL DX prevents failures and helps to sustain a longer satisfaction and relation between the man and his woman. It makes every man feel strong and capable of doing things his way.

Extra Power packed Performance

Ras raj ras & Trviang Bhasna


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Today’s fast and hectic life style, in some way or the other, do take a toll on the health and mental status of an individual. A man has to fulfill many responsibilities of his professional and personal life. Both theses lives are interconnected. Unless he stays happy and satisfied in his personal life, he cannot enjoy a fruitful professional life and vice-versa. He has to remain happy in all his walks of life.
For a man, his woman is his soul. To keep her pleased and satisfied is the key to his happiness and fulfillment in life. She takes care of his house, his kids and of him too..he can go to his work knowing that there is a woman who can handle it all and in turn he need not worry and can concentrate on work alone.. and all she asks for is his love and attention. Ashwatul DX is the double booster dose to show your power and give her ultimate experience .

Features & Benefits

• Increases saptdhatuposhan to increase time and power in performance
• gives best nutrition and  increases sustaining power.
• Provides strength and nourishment to the body,
• Helps in growth of reproductive organs and increases its secretions.
• Cures indigestion, insomnia and promotes health.
• The nervine tonics helps to improve  fertility and reduce the stress.
• Increase blood flow, stamina, pleasure and staying power.


Booster dose  –One capsule twice a week with cup of milk or as directed by physician


1. Siddhnakardhwaj : It contains Mercury, Gandhak, Kumarim, Kasturi&Lavang. It improves the blood circulation of the penial area & corrects indriyashaithilyajaya disorders.
2. PrawalPishti : It is Vrushya& useful in Swapnadosha (semen) disorders.
3. Mucuna prurens (KraunchBeej) : It contains lipids, anti- oxidants, vitamins & fructose that are essential for longer time. It also contains dopamine that helps to increase libido.
4. Myristicafragrans (Jaiphal) : It has Shukrastambhak property which helps to prevent early discharge.
5. Withania Sonnifera (Ashwagandha) : It has anti-stress action which helps to cope with daily stress. It is useful in nervous exhaustion, insomnia & failure to thrive in children.
6. Trivang Bhasna : It strengthens the muscels of the reproductive system & increases the sperm count.
7. Crocus Sativus (Keshar) : It helps to improve sensation and blood circulation of organ.
8. Vasntkusunakar Ras : It contains SwarnaBhasma, AbhrakBhasma, RoupyaBhasma& Kamal. It is Balys& Rasayan which are useful in general weakness. It increases the strength of the body.
9. Ras Raj Ras : It contains Mauktik, AbhrakBhasam&Kanta- lohaBhasma. It is Vajikar which acts as a energy & desire enhancer.
10. Pushpdhanwa Ras : It contains Rassindur, Bhang, Nag Bhasma, Dhattur&Yashtimadhu. It helps in growth of reproductive organs. It increases the secretion of from testies.


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