Ashwatul Oil

Amrutveda Ashwatul oil is the best tested and proven remedy to enhance performance with long term satisfaction . It improves blood circulation around organ and improves sensation . This oil is safe in all age group of Men as made with pure herbal extarcts . It helps in hardness and shape with its unique formula .

Treatment of Weakness in Men

Jyotishmati Oil & Jaiphal Oil


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Amrutveda ASHWATUL OIL is just the remedy whose daily massage on the genitals, make a man as worthy and strong as the horse.
Men are always looking out for newer ways to satisfy their partners. For this they require to be physically and mentally strong. A man also is capable of more physical power than a woman, given to his physiological and anatomical structure. He works throughout the day and also must maintain his enthusiasm through the night in order to please his partner. This is essential to continue with his progeny. In order to have a healthy and problem free children, the parents also need to be extremely healthy and well kept.

Features & Benefits

• It mainly works to give strength to the organ by providing good tone and musculature to the muscles and vessels present in the organ.
• It increases the circulation of blood and nourishes the tissues.
• It prevents early secretion, increases the holding capacity of the organ and also makes it strong and capable of higher satisfying pleasure.
• Regular use of this oil stimulates the organs and thus is extremely useful to cure the weakness of the male reproductive organ


Apply 3-4 drops over the organ and massage gently for 5 to 7 minutes at night


1. Myristica Fragrans (Jaiphal Oil) : It has Shukrastambhak property which helps to prevent early secretion.
2. Syzygiun Aronaticun (Lavang Oil) : It has Vajikar property which helps to increase libido.
3. Celastrus Panniculatus (Malkangani Oil) : It improves blood circulation to the genitals & helps in proper hardness.
4. Shree Gopal Oil : It contains Kushmand, Shatavari, Aamalki, Ashwagandha, Kamal, Chandan&Keshar and helps to increase the muscle tone and strengthens them.
5. Brihat Vishnu Oil : It contains Yashtimadhu, Jatamansi, BrihatEla, Kakoli, Manjistha, Vacha & Bala. It gives strength to the genital organs and promotes their normal functioning.


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Does Ashwatul Oil contains any chemical ?

No. This oil is made with 100 % herbal extracts and there are no side effects . 

Is ashwatul oil safe for Men above age 60 years ?

Absolutely . This oil gives nutrition and muscle tonning . It is very useful in all age group of men . No side effects .

Can Ashwatul oil will be useful before performance ?

No . It does not conatins any chemical , it will not show any instant changes but it will show natural results when used for atleast 1 week . Though there is no issues if it is used before performance, it will not show any reaction to women partner . 

How many days Ashwatul oil can be used continuously ?

It is 100 % safe and Natural . It can be used for regular maintainance of organ functioning and enhancement of performance . There is no time limit for this oil .

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