Ashwatul X

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Pre-Mature Ejaculation


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A marital relationship is blissful when both the partners are equally in love and satised. Working under increased stress levels and working away from home, certainly ignites the re and brings about the feelings to get closer to the spouse. Giving quality time to the partner helps nd lost love and marital bonding. This is possible only when the male is completely in his element for which he needs an excellent rejuvenating tonic.
Nirmal’s ASHWATUL-; capsule is a unique combination of
aphrodisiac herbs like .awachbeej, jaiphal, Ashwagandha,
Shilajeet etc. These help curb all the complaints a man experiences
in his marital life with regards to his physical relationships.
ASHWATUL ; can be used in all male age groups to boost his power
and energy«after all love has no age!!!

Features & Benefits

It increases energy levels & relieves physical & mental stress. Useful in impotency. It helps to increase sperm count & quality. Useful in oligospermia & other dhatu dosh. It increases the muscle mass & strength of the body. Useful in general weakness. It improves erectile dysfunction & prevents early ejaculation.


1 capsules twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician


1. Mucuna Pruriens Kraunch BeeM  It contains lipids,antioxidants, vitamins & fructose that are essential for normal sperm metabolism & also in improving semen quality. It contains properties that help to increase sex hormones. . Myristica Fragrans Jaiphal  It has Shukrastambhak property. It helps to prevent early ejaculation. . Asparagus Adscendens Shwet Musli  It is Vrushya & Vajikara which are useful for improving strength and stamina in males. . Withania Somnifera Ashwagandha  A unique herb with antistress adaptogenic action that leads to better physical & mental tness & helps to cope with daily stress. It is also helpful in nervous exhaustion, debility & insomnia. . Tribulus Terrestris *okshura  It is useful in urinary disorders like inÁammation of urinary tract and kidney stones. . Crocus Sativus Keshar  It is useful in erectile dysfunction. It helps to improve sperm strength & increases motility. . Astercantha Longifolia Talimkhana  It is a general tonic which improves strength in males. . Prawal Pishti  It is Vrushya & Balya useful as a power booster for males. . Shudh ShilaMeet  It is an excellent Rasayan which increases the strength and weight of the body & prevents premature ageing process. 10. Trivang Bhasma  It improves the strength of the muscles of the reproductive organs. It is also useful swapndosha (nocturnal emission).


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