Eva-X Capsule

Increasing Stamina and Bossting Performance

Satavari & Shilajeet


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Happy Marriage life is always depend on men and women both mental and physical status . Since women has low nutritional diet and high stress factor in therelife , there is always loss of desire , weakness and anxiety . many times with gynecological problems or hormonal disturbances , women shows mood swings and lethargy . Eva ; is the perfect solution for all women to increase stamina , relief in stress level and and boosts energy . ,t contains extract of Satavari, Ashwagandha, PushpdhanvaRas ,shilaMeet. The synergistic effects of these active ingredients promote feminine vitality and overall well being. ,t’s is a unique formula that stimulates and enhances female desire .

Features & Benefits

Removes Stress, Mental fatigue and corrects emotional and hormonal imbalance. ‡ Enhances Hemoglobin and Nutritional factors in your body. ‡ ,mproves Ova 4uantity, 4uality and Life span. ,t also cures from white Áuid, menstrual problem and girdle pain. ‡ ,t helps to Cures Fibroid, tube blocked and helps in normal menopause. ‡ ,t helps you enMoying longer, and better with youthfulness Energy and Orgasm.


1 Capsule Two times a day after meal


Satavari  In Ayurveda, Satavari is known as the ´Queen of herbs” as it promotes wellness in women. Satavari is the main Ayurvedic rejuvenating tonic for the females. It has tonic and calming properties. Besides increasing energy levels in women, it also helps to regulate the levels of the female sexual hormones and thus, has a benecial effect on the proper functioning of the female body. Ashwagandha  Ashwagandhais useful in general weakness, nervine diseases, chronic fatigue, anxiety and insomnia. It is considered stamina-building herb as it has powerful rejuvenating and sexual tonic properties. Scientic studies have also proved that Ashwagandha increases sex hormone level in clinical studies. Pushpdhanwaras  Pushpadhanwa is the potent for mulation for the proper development of reproductive organs both in females. It acts as Shaithilyanashak, Shaktivardhak and Vrushya in both. Also helps to secrete required hormone regularly . It is useful in mood swings after menopause . ShilaMeet  It improves hair and skin health, strengthens the uterus, improves the functions of ovaries, acts as an anti-aging agent and balances hormones naturally.


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