Harsoul Syrup

Health Uterus and Pregnancy

Jatamansi and Yashtimadhu


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Women can face a number of gynecological issues at various stages of their life. This includes irregular periods, painful menstruation, leucorrhea, infertility, broid, uterine cysts, Menopause, miscarriages, general weakness, PCOD and many more. According to ayurveda most of these issues arise from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle that disturbs the balance of doshas. Woman undergoes various physical and physiological changes during her reproductive period. i.e from menarche (onset of menstruation) to menopause. Leucorrhoea consists of white watery discharge from the uterus. The discharge may be thick and white, consisting mainly of pus, if the patient is suffering from a serious disorder of the genital organs

Features & Benefits

Menstrual Disorders  Hormonal imbalance causes excessive bleeding, irregular bleeding, cramps, back pain, legs pain which needs proper treatment . regular menstruation is responsible for healthy mature eggs and essential for pregnancy .


2 Tablespoon Twice a day with water after meal.




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