Heart Tone Capsules

Better Heart Health,, Stress & Anxiety

Tulsi and Brahmi


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Due to drastic change in our lifestyle, hybrid dietary habits, more mental pressure & less physical activeness, our heart is getting weaker everyday & number of heart patients is increasing with that. So, it’s time to give serious attention towards our Heart and you should care your heart with ayurveda. The heart is the key organ in the circulatory system. Its main function is to propel blood throughout the body. If heart is unable to pump the blood properly, it may cause severe illness. The heart is a vital part of the body and when things like a poor diet, stress or hereditary predisposition weaken it, it can cause problems such as Coronary Artery Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Arrest, Heart Failure, Arrhythmia, Peripheral Artery Disease, Stroke or Congenital Heart Disease. Heart tone is a tonic to heart and circulatory system. It nourishes the heart muscles and helps in vasoconstriction and vasodilation, which helps in proper functioning of circulatory system.Heart tone Capsules are made to support the heart, and calm the nervous system

Features & Benefits

It helps to provide Strength to the failing heart muscle It provides a natural management for high cholesterol, blocked coronary artries and congestive heart failure . It supports to relive breathlessness due to weakness of heart muscle . It is best tonic post heart attack to improve functions of heart muscle It is useful in high blood pressure symptoms to correct blood circulation It also helps in stress and anxiety with excellent herbs Heart tone capsule contains effective herbal extracts to provide nutrition to heart and improves overall heart health.


1 Capsule twice a day with water after meal


ArMuna  It is well known ancient cardiovascular herb. It protects heart against myocardial changes induced by Badrenoreceptorstimulation. Also it shows lipid lowering effect. Useful in Angina and other heart problems . Shankhpushpi  It helps to regulate blood pressure by improving blood circulation Jatamansi  It optimize the functioning the heart and regulate heart rate Tulsi  It prevents heart disease as it contains vitamin C and antioxydants like eugenol which protect heart from harmful effects and controls cholesterol level . Sarpgandha  It has ability to dilate blood vessels with lowering of blood pressure Vacha  It is the best nervine tonic and also helps to control anxiety and stress Seabucthron  It is useful to control heart disease risk by improving blood cholesterol and blood lipid prole Brahmi  It is full of anti oxidants that are helping to remove free radicles and strengthen immune system. Heart tone effective to in all type of heart problems without side effects It maintains heart health with proper blood circulation and correct cholesterol level


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