Joint Cal

Joint Pain and Better Mood

Calcium and vitamin D


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These capsules help replenish the calcium storage in the body in a natural way which makes all bones stronger. They help by adding the mechanism of the body to become stronger and self-dependent. When the body starts using calcium absorbed in a natural way then there is no requirement of chemical content medicine to increase calcium levels. All herbs and classical .alpa in Jointcal capsules are 100 % natural and safe in all age groups.

Features & Benefits

Jointcal is useful in health conditions mentioned below  1. *etting sick and infected often  Vitamin D strengthen immune system helps us to ght with viruses and bacteria . So if frequently getting allergies, cough and cold, it means low Vitamin D. . Tiredness and No energy  ,f you are feeling tired all the time and not feeling better even after taking rest . Bone and back pain  . Depressed Mood  Reduced alertness and mood swings also appears in vitamin D deciency. . Delayed Moint repair or after accident  if you met an accident then vitamin D plays main role for recovery and healing of Moints. . Prolonged skin issues like eczema or psoriasis


1 capsule two times a day after meal


. ,ngredients like Abha *uggul, Lakshadi *uggul and Shallaki provide strength, endurance and support to bones and Moints.


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