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Kalmegh and Kakamachi


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Liver plays an important role in our body – 500 Functions The liver is a natural multi tasker: it plays a large role in metabolism, helps build proteins, breaks down hormones, clears toxins from the bloodstream, and much more. Liver is intimately connected to number of organs, tissues and systems of our body. It is essential to take care of liver as if liver is having weak function then it directly affects digestive system, kidney and many body functions. Liver lter blood and eliminates toxins from bloodstream, it helps metabolism of chemical toxins and alcohol. Liver secrets bile which emulsify fats and sent to small intestine whenever require for digestion. Also it plays critical role of breaking down complex substance alike carbohydrates, protein and lipids. Liver health problems never give alert symptoms. Hence few symptoms can indicate if your Liver is not working well. If you are going through Weakness, Loss of Appetite, Weight Loss, Digestion Problems or side effects of Alcoholic Consumption . If you have irritable bowel syndrome which shows poor digestion and weak Liver function. If You have prolonged weakness , pimples , skin disease , allergies , obesity and tiredness in body then it might be due to Liver Damage or Weak liver functions. Also liver supportive medicine is essential in jaundice and hepatitis .

Features & Benefits

Total Nutrition to improve liver functions Perfect Blend of Pure Herbal Extracts Excellent Liver Stimulant and Appetizer Supportive Treatment for Alcoholic Consumption


 Tablespoons Twice a day with water after meal 1 or 1 Capsules twice a day with water after mea


Livamrut syrup has excellent herbs like bhuiamla, kutki, bhringraM, kalmegh, punarnava, sharpunkha, kakmachi and kasmard.


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