Musli-Plus Capsule

Vaat and Pitta Dosha

ShwetMusli and aphrodisiac


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Mulsi herb tuberous roots used for medicinal uses. ,t is mostly effective for Vaat and Pitta Dosha. ,t is used in more then 00 Ayurvedic Classical Medicines .SafedMusli is a rare and expensive herb that grows in ,ndia. ,t has been used as a traditional medicine in Ayurveda, 8nani and homeopathy since ancient times. ,t has become even more important as a health herb over the years. Traditionally it was used for arthritis, cancer, diabetes, boosting vitality and improving sexual performance

Features & Benefits

*eneral weakness  Fatigue  Musli plus gives strength to the body and extremely helpful in General body weakness . Patient can use this for nutritional support also to increase power in body . Herbal Antibiotic  Antibiotics used in bacterial infections but many times there are side effects when patient starts antibiotics . But Musli plus plays an important role of herbal antibiotic in ghting these disease . Its 100 % natural and boostes immune power of the body . Diabetes  According to the modern studies ShwetMusli has potential antioxidant, antihyperglycemic and antidiabetic effect which is comparable to allopathic medicine Glibenclamide. In Ayurveda Diabetes Treatment differs as per patient age , weigh and strength . Week an thin patients need nourishment and control sugar level at the same time . So Musli plus works best in thin , weak and old age patient . 8nderweight  Musli plus is the best Nourishment product for those who are looking for weight gaining effect without side effect. Some underweight people has poor digestive system, so heavy medications to increase weight gives them gastric trouble. Musli plus is the best option to them without side effect . It has to be taken with milk for better results in body weight gaining . Arthritis  Musli plus has anti inÁammatory effect with reduces joint pain and internal swelling in Arthritis. Synovial Fluid in Joints represents Shleshmak.apha . It helps to lubricating joints and reduce friction . In osteoporosis this liquid usually reduces and gives inÁammation .Musli plus useful in formation of synovial Áuid which sleshmakkapha and gives strength to the joints also . Lactation Promoter  Musli plus has Galactogogue which increases milk production . Hence it is useful to give post pregnancy to get well nourished milk to baby . In pregnancy there are major changes in Women Body structure and feels extremely tired once the baby comes out . and It helps in body recovery after delivery weakness . Fertility enhancer in men and women  Oligospermia is the common reason in men infertility and Musli is very useful while treating this health problem. It improves count , volume , liquefaction time and Motility. Also it increases serum testosterone level and testicular functions . Similarly In Women Uterine function and ovary health is important to conceive and deliver a healthy baby .Musli plus gives excellent nutrition to ovaries which is helpful in production of mature eggs. Also It improves uterus functioning and increases fertility in women . This controls frequent p


1 Capsule twice a Day after Meal


It is known to be an amazing aphrodisiac agent which helps enhance male potency and reduces signs of fatigue. It is particularly prescribed to males who have low libido. It is considered a good energy booster in asthmatic conditions. The roots of the herb can also be used to strengthen the immune system of the body. Since the ancient times, the tuber roots of the herb’s plant have been used to make a nutritive tonic to reduce sexual weakness. The herb is also used to control obesity. Regular use of this herb increases the level of High-Density Lipoprotein and decreases the plasma and hepatic lipid proles.


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