Improves Digestion and control Gases

Trikatu and Shankha Bhasma


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Everyone today has an extremely busy and an uptight schedule today. Every one is worried about how to earn more money. Then it could be for the sake of personal use, or for the family or any other reason. The worse to get affected is the digestive system. Hunger cannot be suppressed and one has to eat. ,n the process of running around, we eat anything and everything that is available instantly ..and it is this instant food which in the long run causes maximum health problems. Eating any type of food which the body is not habituated to leads to indigestion, bloating, Áatulence, hyperacidity etc. to suppress this, we pop any antacid or have an antacid syrup. Amrutveda N,R=ACT tablets are extremely good digestive tablets which will help you overcome the problems of indigestion like gases, acidity, bloating etc. ,t corrects digestion ,improves taste and appetite, neutralizes the acid and helps the gases to pass easily. An added advantage is that N,R=ACT Tablets also help clear the worms in the stomach.

Features & Benefits

‡ Naturally aids & improves digestion. ‡ Improves appetite by increasing metabolism ‡ Helps to relieve Áatulence, bulging & abdominal pain. ‡ Removes toxins from the body & cleanses the digestive tract. ‡ helps to control gases and tightness in stomach


2 tablets with with water twice a day after meal


1. Cuminum Cyminum Shwet Jeere  It is a .atupaushtik and imporves appetitie. . Ferula Narthex Hing  It has Vatanuomak &amp Shulhar properties and hence helps to relieve Áatulence &amp relax gastro-intestinal spasm. . Embelia Ribes Vidang  It has .irmighna property which cleanses the colon & bowel. . Plumbago =eylanica Chitrak  It stimulates the mucous membrane &amp increases the secretion of digestive enzymes. . Citrus Medica BeeMapurak  It is a liver stimulant. It has Agnideepak &amp Anulomak properties which are useful in anorexia, liver disorders, bulging, abdominal pain, etc. . Trikatu  It has Aampachak property. It corrects digestion &amp removes toxins from the body. . Shankha Bhasma  It neutralizes the unwanted acid &amp helps in relieving hyperacidity. .


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