Obamin Syrup

SuperFast Weight Loss

Vitamin E, Omega 7 and Anti-Oxidants


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All around the world more and more people are getting weight conscious and want to lose extra kilos!, In , India Weight gain due to Luxurious lifestyle in Men and post-pregnancy weight in Women are the main culprits. But all are tired of products that make false claims and result in yoyo Effects. One can get 100 % results only when he choose a tested and proven solution. , Introducing First time in, India Obamin ² unique formulation of Super Herb Seabucthron from Leh-Ladakh and *arciniaCombogiaworld wide accepted for fat loss. ,

It’s a completely natural ayurvedic herbal formula without side effects. ,t has vitamin E, Omega 7 (More than Flaxseed), and many anti-oxidants for healthy weight loss. Amrutveda Wellness has been known to provide excellent result-oriented products for the last 15 years. Obamin tablet and syrup are tested and proven products for the actual requirements in obesity. It has an effective herbs combination that acts on metabolism to reduce fat production. Vrikshmla, *uuggul, Vidang, Seabucthron, Triphala, Medoharvidangadiloh and all herbs effective for dissolving unwanted fat . This product will help you to get back into your desired shape with a strong heart , improved body functions and *lowing skin.This all happens due to Seabuckthorn Herb which has fat-soluble vitamins helpful to burn fat and at the same time glowing skin as it contains Vitamin E.,t helps to control craving for food but never gives weakness as Seabucthron has a lot of vitamin and mineral source. Worldwide accepted herb seabuckthorn has an excellent effect on obesity. Obamin tablet and Syrup more than to shed off your extra pounds it gives you wide health benefit on overall health which leads to healthy weight loss without side effects.

Weight 10 g

Features & Benefits

  1. Works on metabolism to reduce extra

    fat deposition

  2. Helpful to burn fat with excellentAyurvedic herbs
  3. It lowers your appetite by controllingyour food craving
  4. Most safe and Effective weight lossformula with health benefits.


Obamin Tab – 2 Tablets 3 times a Day Before Meal

Obamin Syrup – 2 Tablespoon Twice a Day Before


Seabuckthorn (Leh Berry) – Helps in
melting your fat storage

Garcinia Combogia – Suppressed your
Appetite and helps in weight loss by
increasing carbohydrate metabolism by

Triphala – These herbs detoxify your
whole body and regularize functioning of
digestive system.

Medoharvidangadi Loh – Wellknown
effective ayurvedic classical formulation to
reduce extra meda in the body.

Tinospora Cordifolia – It maintains energy
level while doing weight loss

Plumbagozeylanica – It improves digestion
to control new fat formation in our body.


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