Weight Gain & Better Digestion

Withania Somnifera & Bacopa Monneiri


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Weight gaining is also common health problems in kids and adults. ,t depends on metabolic rate and digestion pattern in your body. Many times we see even after after eating highly nutritious food, weight gaining is difcult. Some times people choose unhealthy options like steroids and protein supplements to gain weight, regulating the use of such components is very difcult and many side effects. Once these weight gain supplements is discontinued, the weight loss process begins again. But with OMamrut Capsules and *ranules if weight oncegained Must does not blow away even if discontinued because it enhances body mass and not Must the fat. Also it acts on digestion system and increases metabolic rate to get all nutrition from our meal. This is why OMamrut is a regular and safer option. Selected ingredients are known to be a high constituent for increasing body mass and weight.

Features & Benefits

It has all excellent agents for increasing weight. It also helps in maintaining the Áuid balance in the body. It improves the overall efciency of your digestive system. This is a multipurpose product that strengthens muscles, power , nerves and bones. Ingredients in Ojamrut are immensely helpful as they provide the requisite nutrition in all age group . It is extremely useful for children in their growing years as it boosts muscle growth make the bones stronger & improves physique.


OMamrut capsules   Capsules  times a day with m
ilk OMamrut *ranules   tablespoons with milk once a day


Withania Somnifera, Bacopa Monnieri, Nardostachys jatamansi DC, Picrorhiza .urroa ex benth, Myristica fragrans, Convolvulus Pluricaulis, Acorus calamus Linn, Tinospora Cordifolia


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