Pailotab Tablets

Treatment of Piles

Suran and Rasvanti


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Plies is painful, unbearable, embarrassing type of disease where people feels shy to share and then situation gets worst. Many time patients go for surgery for permanent relief but unfortunately they couldn’t get rid of this problem. Piles is also known as hemorrhoids which causes due to inÁammation of the veins in the rectum and anus. This problem starts from poor digestion which leads to gases and constipation. Inactive luxury lifestyle, less physical exercise, irregular meal time, outside unhealthy food, obesity, pregnancy develops constipation and if ignored it gives pressure on rectum. External piles causes seeking outside anus, irritation, itching and burning sensation. Internal piles shows bleeding during passage of hard stool motion which sometime not painful. Since main reason is digestive system, recurrence of piles is very common even after surgery. Ayurveda has best solution to reduce piles symptoms and improve digestion at the same time. Pailotab is the perfect solution which gives instant result in just 3 days. It has miraculous effect on swelling, itching and pain in piles.

Features & Benefits

‡ Stops bleeding in 3 days ‡ improves digestion to avoid constipation ‡ reduces swelling and itching around anus immediately ‡ relives burning sensation while motion ‡ controls recurrence of piles after recovery


2 tablets twice a day with water after meal


Suran  it has property of digestion, purging and gives feeling of lightness with high bre content. Rasvanti  it helps to cure piles with its Healing properties. It gives instant relief in internal piles and wound. Haridra *han  It controls swelling around anus with antiseptic effect. Kanchnar *uggul  It helps to reduce the size of external piles by shrinking pile maas. Mochras  It has best effect to control bleeding with astringent properties Arshkuthar Ras  It is the well-known tested and proven classical medicine for piles in ayurveda from many years. Belphal *han  it helps to shrink veins in rectum to control bleeding and helps digestion


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