Shallaki Capsule

Treatment of Joint Pain


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Amrutveda Shallaki Herbal Capsule Shallaki is a herbal supplement for Moint care. Having anti inÁammatory analgesic properties. ,t provides gentle care for Moints helps relief Moint pains muscle tissues that are stiff. Shallaki also cures wounds ulcers. For chronic pain in muscles shallaki is an ideal herb. Shallaki also helps treating Moint and muscular conditions like osteoarthritis, brositis, rheumatism, small Moint disease and lower back pain. ,t is also useful for the treatment of diabetes, skin and blood disease, cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorders ,dysentery.

Features & Benefits

OSTEOARTHR,T,S Shallaki has potent anti-inÁammatory properties. It prevents swelling at joints, and prevents breakdown of cartilage, and is thus an effective remedy against osteoarthritis RHE8MATO,D ARTHR,T,S Shallaki is said to interfere with autoimmune response of the body. Combined with antiinÁammatory, this makes Shallaki an effective treatment against rheumatoid arthritis. ,NFLAMMATOR< BOWEL D,SORDER Anti-inÁammatory properties of Shallaki makes it effective against various inÁammatory disorders of the gastrointestinal tract such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease


1 – 2 Capsules Two times a day after meal


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