Urvashi Capsule

Better Breasts and Good Skin

Nelumbium Speciosum and Gmelina Arborea


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A woman’s body indeed is the most beautiful thing god crafted. She feels happy in the inside when she looks good on the outside. She exuberates condence and radiance when she is in her best element, that is, looks. To have a great body is every woman’s dream«strong body with perfect assets is her need. Amrutveda URVASHI CAPSULES AND OIL, are today the best breast enlargement medicines available in the market. Daily 2 capsules twice a day with milk and massage with the oil for 3 months will denitely give results which every woman dreams of.

Features & Benefits

‡ It reshapes and revitalizes the breasts ‡ Increases muscle mass and strengthens the musculature of the breasts ‡ Prevents sagging of breasts ‡ Increases and makes the tissues strong, improves muscle tone and thus increases breast size. ‡ It tightens the skin and gives a radiant glow to it to make the breasts look full, beautiful and full of colour. ‡ The herbs used in the medicines relieve stress and fatigue and general weakness of the body. ‡ Rejuvenating herbs provide immunity to the female body to make it beautiful on the inside and outside. ‡ Good skin and blood vitalizer. ‡ Puries the blood and makes the skin beautiful, soft and supple and disease free ‡ Improves digestion, expels impurities and toxins, clears constipation and prevents pre mature aging of the body.


1 capsule twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician. Oil  Massage gently before bath


1. Nelumbium Speciosum  It enhances the growth & development of the breasts. . *melina Arborea *ambhari  It helps in rming up sagging breasts. It also restores elasticity & rmness of the breasts. . Pueraria Tuberosa Vikarikand  It is a Balya herb which stimulates the growth of health breast tissue. . SidaCordifalia Bala  It is a general tonic. It is a rejuvenative& nutritive herb that helps in building breast muscle tissue. . Asparagus Racemosus Shatavari  It is a Rasayan Saptadhatuvardhak herb. . *lycerrhiza*labra


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