Ayurveda Stress Busters are regenerative tonics

Have you ever thought why stroke or heart attacks coming in young age people? It’s hidden stress which doesn’t have a outlet. 

Pressure to be perfect in every thing or fulfilling unrealistic dreams are the main cause of this new generation stress. Honestly if i ask  how many of you visit doctor just for stress or anxiety then most of the people will give negative answers . We can share our physical illness but when it comes to mental illness , we embarrassing to talk to doctor . Now most of the big chronic health issues are coming from this hidden stress. Lets not ignore this modern stress and start appropriate treatment to improve lifestyle and performance .

Types of modern stress –Loneliness Fear of rejection Struggling in life Negative thoughts Sleep disturbance Parental Anxiety Study pressure Work load Financial crunch Forgetting things Relationship issues 
These are new symptoms of modern stress and needs immediate solution. Sometimes people thinks they are strong enough to fight with their problems but hidden inner stress could be silent killer. Life a too short but precious and needs proper balance of emotions. Satisfaction word is missing in everyone’s life . Kids are getting extra exposure and losing their innocence. I wander how 10 year old kids know the word depression. People has no idea when they actually need stress relief treatment. Ayurveda has powerful medicines for mind , body and soul balancing.

People has no time for meditation or relaxation and ignorance of this mental pressure can turn into unpleasant situations. Starting herbal extracts nervine tonic to boost performance is essential . Increasing feel good hormones in body naturally with Ayurveda and diet is possible. Nowadays people are not comfortable to talk about their problems. Social media handles shows happy picture of life which increases more pressure on every one. Mind and body balance improves performance and your stress response can tell about your Dosha. 

Stress affects all aspects of life-emotions,behaviour, thinking ability and physical health.

Body, mind, heart and spirit are all subjected to the ravages of day-to-day stress. It can give mild problems like loss of interest inday to day activities to grave consequences like emotional outrage or chronic depression.

Tridoshas along with Rajas and Tamas play amajor role in the contributions of vitiation of Sareerika and Manasika bhavas.

Vaat dosha primary response is Anxiety, fear ,restlessness or worry . Ariana element in this dosha shows quick changes in behavior. 

Pitta Dosha primary response is anger , frustration and impatient behavior. Pitta dosha generally represents hot temper .

Kapha Dosha primary response is nervousness ,lack of energy, loss of interest and withdrawal. Thus may suppress all symptoms and hide there emotions. It doesn’t matter how healthy and fit your body is , if your mind is disturbed then life is not stable. Increasing demand of mind wellness workshops, ashrams and meditation centers are the proofs of heavy stress in all age groups. 
Ayurvedic approach of stress management is relieving stress from nervous system and offering relaxation in whole body. Herbs like Ashwagandha,  Shatavari, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi ,jyotishmati, tagar can show incredible results in stress.Amrutveda Stress Relief kit is the perfect combination of ayurvedic medicines made with strong herbal extracts .

Stressonil capsules can be taken as a daily supplement for 1 to 3 months to boost Brain functioning and reduce heavy mental pressure. Tagar Capsules helps to offer good night sleep and Capsule Ashwagandha improves calmness. Sleep issues are biggest concern in current lifestyle and it lowers thinking ability and increases physical health issues like indigestion, acidity, headache, migraine and vertigo. Many people has no idea that thyroid problem is an auto immune disease which is also related to hidden stress .When people feel weak or tired, they usually start multivitamins and tonic . When they feel pain in bones, they start taking calcium tablets. But when they feel mental stress, they never go for medicines. Ayurveda herbs formulations shows significant difference in mental health, concentration, social functioning, vitality, fatigue and overall quality of life.
Many people start antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications which may cause drowsiness, insomnia, loss of sexual desire and increased appetite, among other negative effects.Ayurveda medicines has no side effect but improves memory, performance ,confidence and strengthen the nervous system. Few herbs in Ayurveda being a powerful adaptogen enhances the body’s resilience to stress.Amrutveda Stress Relief kit is all in one solution to boost mental & Physical balance along with performance. Ayurveda stress busters are the real potent regenerative tonics (Rasayana of Ayurveda) to live healthy and happy life . 
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