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I believe coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. I know the value of mentoring and offering support to be an entrepreneur. Hence always looking for True leadership skills and desire to be successful in business. We all know direct selling has a big scope if done with ethics and best quality products . It can be life changing opportunity which has no condition for age / gender or education.

Being founder and owner, i am driven by a profound mission that fuels our daily commitment to our business ethics , Product quality and direct seller entrepreneurs. Real mission is more than a statement; it's a commitment to our representatives, customers, and partners. We are dedicated to creating an environment where dreams are realized, where personal and financial growth is attainable, and where integrity and impact are the cornerstones of our company's legacy."

Direct selling is making a difference in the whole world and we would be able to create your success story with our experience , product and marketing support. We aspire to inspire and be inspired by the countless stories of transformation, success, and personal growth that emerge from our business. Join us for spreading happiness through Ayurveda medicine originated from India and start being VOCAL FOR LOCAL.

Director Profile

Nitin S Arolkar is a self made entrepreneur & visionary leader in the healthcare industry, with a proven track record of driving innovation and building successful healthcare organizations from last 23 years. With a deep commitment to quality care and a forward-thinking approach, Nitin Arolkar has played a pivotal role in shaping the healthcare landscape.

As the Director of Amrutveda Ayur Organic LLP , Nitin Arolkar is committed to:

Continuously raising the bar for quality and patient care, ensuring that our healthcare services remain at the forefront of excellence.

Embracing emerging healthcare technologies and methodologies to provide the best possible advanced medicines with assured results.

Fostering a collaborative and empowering work environment that attracts and retains top talent in the healthcare field.

Expanding our reach to serve more communities and make a meaningful impact on healthcare access with our direct sellers.

Professional Experience:

  • 25 Years of Healthcare Leadership: Nitin Arolkar brings over 25 years of experience in healthcare leadership to Amrutveda Ayur Organic LLP , having served in various executive roles in prominent healthcare organizations.
  • Strategic Visionary: As Director, Nitin Arolkar has demonstrated an exceptional ability to develop and execute strategic initiatives that enhance the company's market position and drive sustainable growth with quality products .
  • Quality and Loyal Customers Nitin Arolkar is renowned for championing a patient-centered approach to healthcare, emphasizing the importance of quality, safety, and the overall patient experience. This gives 100 % satisfaction to all patients and their trust is the key achievement .
  • Innovative Solutions: Nitin Arolkar has a strong record of introducing innovative technologies and healthcare practices, consistently staying ahead of industry trends. He was the first one to introduce technology in Ayurveda products manufacturing and sales distribution channel through advanced software .

Personal Values

Nitin Arolkar is driven by a profound sense of responsibility to improve healthcare and believes in:

Every patient deserves empathy, respect, and the highest standard of care which can be given with best quality medicines .

Upholding the highest ethical standards in all healthcare practices and business operations to offer 100 % satisfaction .

Embracing change and innovation as opportunities for growth and progress of every individual .

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