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Detoxify your liver naturally with ayurveda

Detoxify your liver naturally with ayurveda

Liver is the main organ who take care of more than 500 functions in your body .
It is actually a silent killer as it never gives any alarm or indication about  actual problem and you will be surprised by Fatty liver finding in your report when you randomly go for screening one day . 
Symptoms for liver issues are actually similar to common symptoms which you see in daily life such as poor digestion , bloating , weakness , over weight , irregular motion or loss of appetite . 
Many people find Fatty liver in their report and ignored when you understand  its very common nowadays . But actually this symptom greatly reduce your quality of life and the major cause for liver failure.  Healthy liver to Fatty liver then to Liver fibrosis and end up with Liver cirrhosis  . 
Liver does detoxification , excretory and secretory work , storage of Vit A & B 12 , metabolic function of Vitamin ,mineral , cholesterol , carbohydrates  , lipids etc . 
Nutritional support and improving Liver function is the most essential thing in todays sedentary life style . I was speechless when one patient asked me that yesterday i had hard drinks more than my limit  and now i am worried about damage from  alcohol . So is there any medicine to remove bad effect of yesterday' s drinks ?  I thought people are educated and health cautious too , then why they don't choose right way to drink alcohol rather than taking stress . It means first choose drinks to remove existing stress and then taking stress to remove that drinking effect . Instead of getting trapped into this cycle , one should follow healthy liver routine and healthy clubbing .  
Its not always fun taking alcohol but there may be certain culture where you will have to force yourself drinking to getting deal sanctioned or project approval or you may considered odd man out in family reunions .


Tips to control damage by changing food habits 

Its important how you protect your liver if you drink alcohol in any form . Better the liver means better the life and one should definitely spend some time to do something for this .Since alcohol causes dehydration , water intake should be more while enjoying cocktail parties . When you are on medication then make sure that liquor  should not interfere with medicines . If you are drinking empty stomach then blood will absorb alcohol first , so try to eat some healthy snacks along with it .
Natural balancing of liver through diet will be supportive to reduce damage . If you have fatty liver then first important thing is to lose your weight . Next is limit intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking . Air pollution and exposure to chemical also increase risk of liver disease. avoid sour or fermented foods , spicy and salty processed food in diet .
Also need to complete 1 to 3 month course of effective liver care herbal medicines like Amrutveda Livamrut , Nirzact to improve liver function and recover  damage by drinks . 
In between drinking sessions , one should give liver chance to recover and mend itself with herbal support . 
So next time when you go for a party , just remember that you are not alone . Your liver is with you and you have to take care of this second biggest organ in the body who is your real bodyguard . 
This is the fact of our life that happy moments comes for small time and sadness lasts longer . It would be always better to have a safe ride and unlimited fun together .
Nowadays we see all around people are hanging out , having fun and enjoying some music but eating unhealthy food . Life should not be a journey to end into puzzle but it should be a safe way to happy ending . 
Increasing trend of cocktail parties and clubbing has made alcohol families to all age groups in India . Enjoying night life with taking care of your health can support you for  inside and outside balance . But work pressure doesn't allow you to remove some time for yourself and main problem starts here . People think switching to organic food will make them super healthy , but unfortunately this is not sufficient to protect yourself from health issues. 
If your food timings are irregular or digestion is weak or Cholesterol is high , it means your Liver function is improper . Amrutveda Livamrut Syrup for 2 to 3 months can improve organ function and controls alcoholic damage . Sometimes working in Chemical factories or even floor cleaning liquid smel can damge your liver . 
Do not ignore these samll health issues as Liver damage can not be reveresed , Ayurveda Has excellant Herbal extracts which helps to stay healthy .

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